About Cosmin Sofron the press has been writing since his first started playing in movies, which was at 7 years old. One of the nicest articles of that period is one that said: „Cosmin Sofron, a kid-actor that we saw growing on the screen”

Even the foreign press has been writing a lot, because o the numerous tours abroad, but unfortunately not many articles are gathered here to be shown.

Lots of times, even now, it happens that because of the big activity in film and theater that him and his brother have, lots of journalists who don’t do their „homework” right, mix their names, writing something about Cristian Sofron using the name Cosmin Sofron, and vice-versa.

But it doesn’t hurt…it’s good that they write good, and it remains in family!

Here are some photo copies of some of the articles, not the most representative, but anyway…