In the first movie, “Rhythms”, he had 7 years old. His first year in school. There was a scene in the film where the camera had to see his grades in his grade-book, and there where very bad grades. When he realized that, he didn’t wanted to play in the movie anymore. He couldn’t imagine the whole country looking at him, and at his grades, thinking that he is a very bad student.

It took a whole day for the entire crew to explain to him that no one is going to believe that he is a bad student, because it’s just a movie, everybody knows it’s not real…etc. In the end, they manage to convince him, but it wasn’t easy.

In the movie “I Want to Know Why I Have Wings”, where he was 13 years old, there is a scene where, in a soccer game, he was faulted by one of his own co-mates.
For this scene, the Make Up team made him a very (I mean VERY) ugly wound at one of his legs (knees). So ugly, even he couldn’t look at it.

After the scene was over, and he had to go home, the people from the Make Up, wanted to remove the make up from his leg, but he didn’t let them. He went home with the “wound” on his knee.

Arriving home, he pretended to limp, so his mother would believe he was really hurt. She asked him “What’s wrong?” He said he had a little accident, she wanted to see what happened, and…She was so scared that she almost fainted when she saw the “wound”. Cosmin jumped to reassure her that everything’s all right, showing her that it was a fake wound.

Three days later, filming another scene, Cosmin broke his hand. His right hand. For real. They took him to a hospital, and put his hand in plaster…You can imagine what happened home…
His mother saw his hand, asked him with no emotion in her voice “What happened?”, Cosmin said “I broke my arm”, and she said “Yeah, sure, go to eat your dinner!” She didn’t believe he broke his hand until he showed her the X-ray picture.

The part “Vlathos” gave him a lot of hard time, but now he laugh thinking back: First, you have to know that the costume he wear weighted more than 45-50 kilos (100-110 pounds), and he had to walk on some kind of stilts, ’cause Vlathos was like 2,40 meters high (8 feet), maybe more (you can see that in the photos). The whole mask was glued to his face, and he couldn’t even breathe very well when he had Vlathos eyes put on. When he ate, he had to look in a mirror to see where his mouth was, so he could eat with my mask on (it took one hour and a half to glue it on).

But the most difficult part, was that outside where like 42 degrees Celsius (107.6 degrees Fahrenheit), and on the set where at least 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit). There was no air conditioned, so you can imagine how many degrees where inside the Vlathos costume.

One day, waiting for his turn to start filming, he fainted sitting on a chair. Now, the story can be funny (but then…). A young lady on the set, seeing the costume and the mask of Vlathos on the chair and thinking that there’s nobody inside, started playing with the head, hitting it from side to side. Somebody from the Special Effects team saw her, and asked her how come Cosmin let her do this to him? She said “No, there’s nobody inside”. The guy was a little worried not knowing where Cosmin was and how he let himself out of the costume, and came to see. He took out the eyes of Vlathos, and there he was, almost…
After, he thanked God and that young lady, for playing with my head…literally!