First of all, he is a Romanian citizen. Born in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, on October 28th 1969, around 7.00 AM;

Father Ion – Colonel in the Romanian Army, deceased in August 2002; mother Maria the one who gave him the love for art. And she trembled until the end of her days together with her sons at each of their artistic attempt. Her sons, because Cosmin has a brother, 11 years older, Cristian also actor with a very big activity in film and theater;

Sign: Scorpio, and according to the Chinese Horoscope: Rooster;

At age 6 he starts playing tennis. For the next three years he thought this is going to be his future. All this till the day that he broke his tennis racket and being to ashamed to tell his parents about this, he never went back to practice. But he still loves tennis. Watching and playing.

In school, he is a model student (the first 8 years of school, anyway). And, he likes very much mathematics. (Odd!) He even wanted to make a career out of this.
First movie at age 7:”Ritmuri” (“Rhythms”), directed by Lucian Bratu;

After this first movie, he became the “studio’s kid”, and he was involved in lots of other movies, during the whole school period and not only;
Two year later, he is part of a TV series, “Lumini si umbre” (Lights and shadows”), where he has the chance to meet two of the Romanian “Titans” in terms of film and theater: Mitica Popescu and Gheorghe Dinica.

After that, he has a great activity in movie-business, in the studios beginning to appear a joke: Is there no movie made without Cosmin Sofron? ”
At age 13 he does the movie “Vreau Sa Stiu De Ce Am Aripi” („I Want To Know Why I Have Wings”) a movie that is going to be a very big moment for his life, but maybe also for Romanian movie, if we think at the prizes that this movie received in Romania, but also abroad.

Here, he realizes his need to express himself artistically, having the great opportunity to do it together with other huge names in Romanian movie and theater business: Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan, Valeria Seciu, Gheorghe Cozorici, Stefan Sileanu, Rodica Tapalaga, but also together with the one who will mean a lot in Cosmin’s future decision to become an actor: Olga Tudorache.

To make a long story short, after starring in a few other movies („Marele Premiu”-aka „ The Grand Prize”, „Extemporal la dirigentie” aka „ An Essay About Life”,and more…), he finds himself facing the question: „What do you want to be when you grow up?”

And although good at mathematics, and with real electronically inclinations, he decides that his future is in acting.

At this age, being a little to thin, he wants to try a sport a little more extreme. So, he starts his “Judo” lessons. For two years. After two years, he realizes that it is a little to “extreme” for him.

Even if his first admittance exam for the Academy Of Film and Theater in Bucharest is not a very fortunate one, him developing a kidney problem during the written exam, and being forced to drop the exam for that, he decides not to quit.

After the Romanian Revolution, who finds him in the army, and gave him memories that he does not want to remember, he joins the troupe of Masca Theater in Bucharest. A theatre of pantomime, movement, and body expression. Here he learns how to tap dance, to joggle, to play the trumpet. Here he enriches himself with the great help of the manager of this theater, the actor Mihai Malaimare, with a big and great baggage of modalities of acting and expressing himself thru the body language. He does with this theater a lot of tours in lots of countries where all the performances that he plays in are very well received and even rewarded.

But, after 4 years of acting at Masca Theater, he realizes that he misses the Academy diploma. And that’s why, in 1994, he gives the Academy of Film and Theater exam another shot. And he makes it. Becoming a student in a class conducted by 3 teachers who are also great actors: Alexandru Repan, Mitica Popescu, and Victor Strengaru.

During the 4 years at this Academy, he acts in lots of plays, having lots of tours, this period being also a very full and rewarding period in his life.

After these 4 years, he finds himself acting in many theaters in Bucharest: Bulandra, Nottara, Act, Excelsior, and also acting at the “George Ciprian” Theater in Buzau.

In 2003 he takes the decision to officially join the troupe of „Excelsior” theater in Bucharest, theater conducted by another huge personality in Romania, Ion Lucian. Here he can be found at this moment. During all this time after he finished the Academy, he has a great career in television, being the host of many big shows, such as „Cazuri si necazuri in dragoste” aka „Good and bad in love”, or „Jumatatea ta” aka „Newly wed”, for a few years.

Now, together with his activity in theater, he works a lot as director and translator in dubbing industry, voice over and related, for big companies such as Disney, Dreamworks, 20-th Century Fox, etc.

In September 1999 he got married to Liz (Programming Manager of an independent TV station). They had their honeymoon in Turkey and they are happily married since then.

In 2010 they both received a gift from God, their wonderfull daughter Lidia-Maria

This is Cosmin Sofron.