Cosmin Şofron- „Et si tu n’existais pas”

A 1975 song by Joe Dassin. It is the first track of his album Joe Dassin (Le Costume blanc). The lyrics are by Pierre Delanoë and Claude Lemesle, the music is by Salvatore Cutugno and Pasquale Losito.


Cosmin Şofron- „Les Champs-Élysées”

The song was originally written in English under the title “Waterloo Road” (lyrics by Michael Anthony Deighan, music by Michael Wilshaw) and released by the British rock band Jason Crest. Then French lyricist Pierre Delanoë adapted the lyrics into French. The song “Les Champs-Élysées” was released by Joe Dassin as a single in 1969, with “Le Chemin de papa” on the other side. The single reached no. 4 in Wallonia (French Belgium).


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