His debut in theatre was in 1988 with many parts in 6 variety shows at “Estrada Armatei”- Bucharest;

  • 1990 – “Nino” from “Clovnii” (“The Clowns”) by Mihai Malaimare at “Masca” (“The Mask”) Theater – Bucharest;
  • 1991 – “The Clerk” from “Mantaua” (“The Coat”) after Gogol at “Masca” Theater – Bucharest;
  • 1991 – Three different parts with no name in “Medievale” (“Medievals”) by Mihai Malaimare at “Masca” Theater – Bucharest;
  • 1992 – Main part in “A Murit Moartea, Mai” (“Hey, You, The Death Is Dead”) by Mihai Malaimare at “Masca” Theater – Bucharest;
  • 1995 – “Weston Hurley” from “5-Th of July” by Landford Wilson, directed by Elliot Swift at the “Romanian-American Theater Eugene O’Neil” – Bucharest;
  • 1995 – “The Baron” in an adaptation after Jean Anouilh’s “Thomas Beckett” at “Nottara” Theater – Bucharest;
  • 1995 – “Don Quijote” from Cervantes’ “Don Quijote” – at the “Medieval Art Festival” in Sighisoara;
  • 1996 – Four parts with no name in “Ultimele Stiri” (“The Last News”) by Adrian Dohotaru at “Bulandra” Theater – Bucharest, directed by Mara Paşici;
  • 1996 – “Don Quijote” from the second part of the Cervantes’ “Don Quijote” at the “Medieval Arts Festival” – Sighisoara;
  • 1997 – “Shawn Keogh” from “The Playboy of the Western World” by John Millington Singe at “The National Theater” – Bucharest;
  • 1997 – “Don Riccardo” from Carlo Goldoni’s ” The Tyrants ” at “Cassandra” Theater -Bucharest;
  • 1997 – “Arlecchino” from “All’Improviso” by Gruia Sandu at “Cassandra” and “Nottara” Theaters – Bucharest;
  • 1997 – 2015 actor and presenter in “Circ & Variete Globus Bucharest” productions, under the direction of Brînduşa Novac;
  • 1998 – Two parts (twin brothers) “Castor” and “Polux” from “Fata Morgana” by Dumitru Solomon at “George Ciprian” Theater Buzău;
  • 1998 – “Comisul Cateleanu” from “Viforul” (“The Storm”) by B. St. Delavrancea at “Nottara” Theater – Bucharest;
  • 1999 – “Aladdin” from “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp” by Al. Andy Kessler at “Excelsior” Theater – Bucharest;
  • 2000 – “Stefan Vardia” from “Nota Zero La Purtare”(“Bad Grade at Discipline”) Music hall by Octavian Sava and Marius Teicu at “Tanase” Theater – Bucharest;
  • 2001 – “Baron Spitz” from “Mica Sirena” (“The Little Mermaid”) by Al. Andy Kessler at “Excelsior” Theater – Bucharest;
  • 2002 – main role in the play „Toti barbatii sunt curve” (“All Men Are Bitches”) at the „Prometheus” Club Bucharest– written by David Mamet, directed by Florin Piersic Jr.;
  • 2002 – main role (the Screenwriter) in the play „Zadarnicele chinuri ale unui scenarist” (“The Useless Afflictions of a Screenwriter”) at the “ACT” Theater Bucharest, written by Teodora Herghelegiu, directed by Gabriel Coveşeanu;
  • 2004 – main role (Praslea) in the play “Praslea si merele de aur” (“Praslea and the gold apples”) at the “Excelsior” Theater Bucharest – directed by Mircea Anca;
  • 2004 – main role (Peter Munk) in the play “Inima de piatra” (“Heart oh stone”) after Wilhelm Hauff, at “Excelsior” Theater Bucharest, directed by Vasile Manta;
  • 2005 – main role (Gigel) in the play „În luptă cu TAGATA” (“Fighting Ta-Ga-Ta”) at “Excelsior” Theater Bucharest – written by Ion Lucian and Mircea Anca, directed by Mircea Anca;
  • 2006 – main role (Jules Verne) in the play „Marginea Eternităţii” (“At the edge of Ethernity”) at “Bulandra” Theater Bucharest – show aired by Alfa TV;
  • 2009- Arlecchino in the play „Don Pasquale” at the National Opera of Bucharest;
  • 2010 – main role (Pantalone) in the play “Anselmo” at “Nottara” Theater in Bucharest, directed by Mihai Gruia Sandu;
  • 2010 – main role (Soldatul) in the play “Prinţesa din Castelul de aramă” (“The Princess in the brass castle”) at “Masca” Theater – Bucharest, written and directed by Marius Pepino;
  • 2010- main role (Pantalone) in the play “Îndrăgostiţii” (“The Lovers”) at “Masca” Theater – Bucharest written and directed by Michelle Modesto Cassarin;
  • 2011 rol  secundar in the play “Bădăranii” (“I quatro rusteghi”) after Carlo Goldoni at the National Opera of Bucharest, directed by Peter Pavlik;
  • 2011 rol secundar (Angelo) in the play “Comedia erorilor” by W. Shakespeare at “Masca” Theater – Bucharest, directed by Mihai Mălaimare;
  • 2012 main role and second director of the play „Trei prinţese fermecate” (“Three enchanted Princesses”) by Cristian Pepino at “Masca” Theater – Bucharest, directed by Cristian Pepino;
  • 2013 main role (King of Kings) in the play “Fairytales Land” at Mall Baneasa – directed by Ciprian Dumitraşcu;
  • 2015 main role in the play “Qui est Mohamed?” – by Remy de Vos, directed by Theodora Herghelegiu at “La Scena” (“The Stage”) Theater Bucharest and “Green Hours” Theatre Bucharest;
  • 2016 main role in the play „Ceartă-R” – by Theodora Herghelegiu, directed by Theodora Herghelegiu;
  • 2016 main role in the play „Craca de la miezul nopţii” by Catherine Aigner, directed by Theodora Herghelegiu – at “Toma Caragiu” Theater -Ploieşti
  • 2018 King Carol the Second in “Zaraza” by Daniel Chirilă, directed by Răzvan Mazilu – at “Toma Caragiu” Theater -Ploieşti
  • 2019 King Carol the Second in “The Marshalls” by Constantin Venerus Popa , directed by Alexandru Bindea at „Stela Popescu”  Theater -Bucharest
  • 2019 Adolf Ogaru in “Somnoroasa aventură” by Teodor Mazilu, directed by Magda Catone at “Nottara” Theater – Bucharest
  • 2021 Edward Petersen in “Sorry Charlie” by Troy Shearer, translated, adapted and directed by Dragoş Câmpan – at “Toma Caragiu” Theater -Ploieşti

Parts played during the Academy of Film And Theatre 1993-1997:

“The Inspector” from “Pulpa de Miel” (“Lamb’s foot”) by Roald D’Al;
“Petru” from “Citadela Sfaramata” by Horia Lovinescu;
“Diego Ramirez” from “Noiembrie si Putina Iarba Verde” (“November and Some Green Grass”) by Antonio Gala;
“Astrov” from “Uncle Vanea” by A.P. Cehov;
“Vanea” from “Uncle Vanea” by A.P. Cehov;
“Wangel” from “Femeia Marii” (“The Woman of the Sea”) by H. Ibsen;
“Rosenthal” from “Anfisa” by Andreev;
“The Colonel” from “Sonata Fantomelor” by A. Strindberg;
“Caius” from “Nevestele Vesele din Windsor” (“The Merry Wives of Windsor”) by W. Shakespeare;
“Dan” from “O Casa Onorabila” (“An Honorable House”) by H. Lovinescu;
“Matti” from “Domnul Puntilla si Sluga Sa Matti” (“Mister Puntilla and His Servant Matti”) by B. Brecht;
“Vladimir” from “Asteptandu-l pe Godot” (“Waiting for Godot”) by S. Beckett;
“Cicero” from “Julius Caesar” by W. Shakespeare;
“Mercutio” from “Romeo and Juliet” by W. Shakespeare;
“Jacques” from “Cum Va Place” (“As You like It”) by W. Shakespeare;
“Lysander” from “Visul Unei Nopti de Vara” (“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”) by W. Shakespeare;
“Don Riccardo” from “The Tyrants” by C. Goldoni;
“Lubin” from “Georges Dandin” by Molliere;
“Arlecchino” from “All’Improvisso” by Gruia Sandu.