On this page you’ll find a few of the radio show titles where Cosmin Sofron is performing.

  • Main role in „Sorocul” by Carmen Silva;
  • “Cristi” in „Mitică-reporterul frenetic sau Nemaipomenitele întâmplări ale lui Alex şi Cristi” – by Octavian Sava, directed by Vasile Manta. (2003)
  • “The midget Prince” – in „The little chef” by Willhelm Hauf, directed by Vasile Manta, 2003;
  • “Nătăfleaţă” – in „Nătăfleaţă şi gâsca de aur” adapted after Grimm Brothers by Boris Petroff, directed by Boris Petroff; 2004
  • “Enrique Iglesias” – in the radio teleplay „Ucigaşul de inimi albastre”, script by Viorel popescu, directed by Vasile Manta, 2004
  • “The Angel” and “The Messenger” in „Baba Dochia”, script by Costin Tuchilă, directed by Vasile Manta; 2005
  • “The boy” in „Călin nebunul”, directed by Vasile Manta; 2005
  • leading role in the play „Sorocul” (“The Faith”) by Carmen Silva; 2006
  • “Temak” in the play „Tărâmul vrăjit” (“The enchanted land”); 2010